🗓️ LIVE! Embedded Linux SBOM and CVE Crash Course [Dates: May 29th - June 1st, 1PM CET]

Attention Embedded Linux Product Development Owners: Want To Master SBOMs, CVEs, and Vulnerability Mitigation So You Can Spend More Time On New Product Development?

Give Us Just 50 Minutes A Day Over 4 Days And We'll Show You...

"... How To Get Accurate SBOMs, A List of CVEs Without False Positives, and Ways To Streamline Your Remediation Process!"

even if you are starting with no process and no tools

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What You'll Learn In This 4-Day Crash Course
You'll cover topics that are a combination of the most commonly asked questions and our experience working with dozens of companies, maintaining their embedded Linux devices across medical, industrial, aerospace, automotive, and consumer verticals.

Day 1 - Why Your SBOM Is Useless If It Isn't Extremely Accurate

Learn about the different SBOM options, how you can generate them, and which methods and formats actually matter for embedded Linux devices.

Day 2 - Overcome The Challenges of CVE Information

Master the data presented in CVE listings, find all the relevant and related information, learn what to look out for in the data that will mess up your process, and how to keep up with new CVEs.

Day 3 - The Three-Step Process For Prioritizing Vulnerabilities

Get in-depth in the triage process, learn frameworks for efficiently classifying your CVEs, and develop a workflow that you can use for your initial triage and ongoing maintenance as well.

Day 4 - How To Bring It All Together With A Streamlined Process

Bring together all the key issues and solutions from the prior days, learn how to leverage automation, and see what kind of impact your tool choice has on your process.

Is This Event For Me And
My Embedded Products...??

I believe I know something about you and your current situation...

I know you're working with embedded Linux products, either as a developer, a product or program manager, a QA engineer, or an engineering director.

Currently, you're focused on controlling and minimizing the risk posed to your embedded devices by a multitude of factors, including common vulnerabilities and exposures or CVEs.

So, let me ask you a question...

Would you be ecstatic if you could slash the time spent maintaining CVE lists by hand?

Because if you could do that, ultimately, that would mean you would feel more confident that existing threats are handled and that you have a process for dealing with any future open source software risks! (Which would be amazing!)

Unfortunately, I also get the sense that there are some roadblocks for you here, including figuring out exactly how to create a repeatable and sustainable security process in your organization, and how a Software Bill of Materials (SBOMs) fits into the bigger picture without wasting time or resources.

Sound familiar?

Another thing...

Are you also really frustrated by the fact that it takes too long to get a solid answer about specific vulnerabilities, how to generate an accurate SBOM, or even what you do once you have an SBOM?

Do you constantly ask yourself, "how do I address all the CVEs that I found from my software?"

One last question...

Do you ever find yourself thinking that you can't communicate the true cost of not being able to deal with these risks?

I know I did!

And finally, to make matters even worse, sometimes (no matter what you do), it just plain feels like noisy CVE tools are actively going out of their way to your success with securing your device and managing your SBOMs and vulnerabilities.

Well, let me tell you, I know exactly how you feel because I've been there myself... more than once!

When all is said and done, my guess is you really just want to own a secure product that is easy to maintain without serious concerns for open source software vulnerabilities. Yes?

If this sounds at all like you, then I'd like to invite you to join this 4-day crash course.

What To Expect From The 4-Day Crash Course

Each day, we'll go over one step in the sequence of steps needed to get the most out of your SBOM and achieve the device security you need or are required to have.

You'll get materials to prepare for each day, and there will be time for Q&A to help answer any questions. You can submit your questions beforehand to give us time to prepare, or if you can't make it to ask your question live.

After each lesson, the event recording will be posted, along with additional materials, to make sure you can leverage the information that was covered.

Day One: The Embedded Device SBOM

Go Over All The Options You Have And What Works Best For Embedded Devices

The world of software bills of materials is changing rapidly changing and standards are becoming more commonplace. You have lots of options to choose from but not all of them are well-suited for your needs.

On Day 1, You'll Learn...

  • What is an SBOM
  • What kinds of SBOM formats are there are and what are the pros and cons of using each one
  • How you generate an accurate SBOM
  • ​Which format and type is best

Day Two: Navigating CVE Data

Find Out What Matters and Where to Find It When it Comes to CVE Data and Related Information

You need multiple pieces of information for each common vulnerability and exposure of CVE that you identify. Don't get stuck figuring out what is important and where to find it.

On Day 2, You'll Learn...

  • The CVE structure
  • Different sources and their tradeoffs
  • How to deal with the challenges of publicly available information
  • ​How to keep up with newly discovered CVEs

Day Three: Optimized CVE Triage

Get a Deep Dive on the Triage Process and Develop a Rock Solid Workflow You Can Use Right Away

Even if you're starting with an accurate list of CVEs, you can't fix everything in a short release window. Learn how to expertly prioritize your efforts and stay secure in the process.

On Day 3, You'll Learn...

  • What is triage and how to manage resources
  • Defining your goals for triage
  • Techniques for speeding up the triage process
  • How triage extends into the maintenance process

Day Four: Optimizing The Process

Bring It All Together And Leverage Automation and Optimized Tools To Keep Things Moving

Now that you know the three pillars of the process for accurate SBOMs and CVEs, we can give you the heavy weapons you need to lock down your device security.

On Day 4, You'll Learn...

  • The key steps you need from prior lessons
  • Things to design into your workflow
  • How to leverage automation and tools
  • How tool selection integrates into your design

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Bonus #1 - Daily Q&A Summary

"The Major Questions From Each Day At Your Fingertips"

You'll get the Q&A as part of the recordings, but you'll also have a written list of the questions and answers for easy reference.

This means that you don't have to go through the recording again to check for something specific, saving you time and filling in any additional details that you were probably interested in learning as well.

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Bonus #2 - Lesson Outline Notes

"Partially Completed Outlines To Help You Prepare and Focus"

The day before each lesson, you'll get access to editable PDF outlines that will give you a sneak peak at what will be covered and make it easier to take notes during the lesson.

This means that you can get be ready with questions or ask them ahead of time, have more focus during the lesson, and take faster notes with all the key points pre-highlighted for you.

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Bonus #3 - Executive Summaries

"Key Points From Each Lesson In A Quickly Consumable Format"

Need to get to the major points quickly or communicate them to someone else? You'll get an executive summary of each topic after the lesson so you can get the gist in a minute when you need it.

This means that you can quickly decide if you need to go back through a particular lesson or you can persuade someone else in your organization to go through the material to help get everyone on the same page for a new process.

Get This Free When You Signup For The Crash Course

Bonus #4 - Action Checklists

"Step-by-Step Guides To Turn Each Lesson Into Results"

We've all walked away events and seminars without taking action on the cool stuff we learned. Use these action checklists to keep that from happening! You'll have a quick reference checklist of steps you need to take to implement the stuff that was covered from each lesson.

This means you can take action without worrying about missing an important step or forgetting a resource that we mentioned, which lets you chalk up some quick wins and develop long-term security culture changes.

Get This Free When You Signup For The Crash Course

Remember, all of this is FREE. Normally, this kind of event is free only for the live event and the recordings and bonus content require an additional cost, but you get access to everything for FREE by simply opting in today.

And if you're wondering...

There Is NO CATCH!

Technically, we will show you some stuff that we do sell that can help you in your SBOM and CVE journey, but we really believe those tools are helpful and make your job easier. And you can still use the information provided using other tools.

Besides mentioning some of our products and services, there are a few other reasons to put on an event like this...
  • You move us closer to a more secure embedded device world. You only need to learn one new thing to get us a step closer to this ideal.
  • You get exposed to all the stuff we do. If you haven't worked with us before, then what better first exposure than a multi-day in-depth event that gets you up to speed quickly and locks down a few quick security wins.
  • ​We're not afraid to give away the secrets. The real value is in the implementation, so we have no qualms with showing you the secret sauce because the real magic is in the journey.

All The Stuff You Get When You Sign Up Today

  • Day 1: Embedded Device SBOM Mastery
  • ​Day 2: CVE Resources Demystified
  • ​Day 3: Real World Straight-Forward Triage
  • ​Day 4: Optimized Workflow You Can Use Immediately
  • Daily Lesson Recordings
  • ​​Lesson Q&A + Quick Reference Summary
  • ​Topic Outlines For Easy Focus
  • ​Executive Summaries To Reference
  • ​Action Checklists So You Can Take Action Immediately

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Give Us Just 50 Minute A Day Over 4 Days,

And Over 4 Days We'll Show You...

"...How To Get Accurate SBOMs, A List of CVEs Without False Positives, and Streamline Your Mitigation Process

even if you are starting with no process and no tools
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